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.gitignore – How to Re-index After Updating

When I am coding, a basic git workflow (if I am coding solo) looks like this:

git add .

git commit -am “Some Message”

git pull origin master

git push origin master


However, sometimes I forget to create a .gitignore file.  Without the .gitignore file, there are many files that get added that I don’t want tracked, and I don’t want clogging up my repository.  This mainly applies to resharper files but there are other files as well.  Here is one version of  .gitignore file that I use:




This is all great but what happens if you have added all of the files to the git without having a git ignore file? You need to re-index in the following way:

git rm -r —cached .

git add .

git commit -am “Some message indicating what you did”

This removes all the files from the  git index then re adds them using the rules from the .gitignore file