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Leave a Legacy

Today was my last day at MoneyDesktop. Brandon Dewitt asked if I would like to say some parting words during the vision meeting. I decided to share a story and some key principles from my personal philosophy.

When I started looking into the possibility of going to work for MoneyDesktop, I was really scared. It took me six months to make the decision to join the team.

The repeating question in my mind was “where can I add value”. The MoneyDesktop team was full of extremely talented people who’s technical ability was light years ahead of mine. How could I ever bring value to this team?

I determined that if I wanted to improve myself and become better I need to go where the expectations where high.
I needed to be around people that were smarter than me and hopefully they would lift me up.

So I got my offer, and the week before I started I read some books on ruby and hoped for the best.

During my interview with CEO Ryan Caldwell, I told him very plainly that I was not a technical powerhouse like the other team members and all I ask of myself and of anyone is to make measureable progress in reasonable time. I asked if we would treat me the same.

Early in my life I learned that success is a result of a few disciplines practiced everyday and failure in life is the result of a few errors in judgement repeated everyday.

By disciplining yourself in a few things, you can become a steward over many things.

Coming into this new job I new that if I setup a few disciplines and worked on them on the everyday, I could make measurable progress is a reasonable time and hopefully add value to the organization.

I believe this philosphy and approach worked. It allowed me to be successful at MoneyDesktop.

I owe the greatest amount of appreciation to Brandon Dewitt, Adam Hutchison, Brian Stein, and BJ Neilsen for really teaching me, trusting in me, and elevating me to be a better engineer and person than I was a year ago.

I also hope in turn I was able to pay it forward with everyone on the team. Hopefully in some small way I was able to influence lives, jobs, and careers for the better.

I love the team at MoneyDesktop and will miss them.


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